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It's important to maintain a hygeinic school premises, as kids in schools are exposed to a massive amount of germs every day. Find out more about our deep cleaning services.


In addition to our school cleaning services, we also have residential, commercial and office cleaning services for you in Gainesville. Get in touch with us on 352-514-4793 today!

Keep your school safe with our school cleaning services in Gainesville. A Step Above makes sure your students are free from illnesses that are caused by the cleanliness of school premises. If you run a school and would like to enquire about our cleaning services, call us on 352-514-4793 today.

Considering the number of students that will use your school on a daily basis, it can cause illness which can quickly have a devastating effect in premises accommodating many people. We understand the importance of providing you school cleaning services to keep an illness-free environment.

Are you concerned about your students?

Importance of school cleaning services

Maintain a hygienic premises

• Summer deep cleans

• Desktops and chairs

• Water fountains

• Floors

• Windows

• Bathrooms

• Classrooms

• Walls

• Curtains

• Shades

Make you school premises a hygienic environment for your students, with our school cleaning services.

Through cleaning services

Class room